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My Cat Hanging Around.


Here's a story I'm sure alot of you can relate too and had happen to your cat. I had this cat named "Nichi" a tabi cat. She always had this habit of climbing all over and up everything she can. I know most cats has the same habit, but Nichi had her moments when I was not home.

I remember this one crazy moment she had, it was really funny. Well, like always I go to work in the morning and come home around 5 ~ 6pm after work. This night Ihad to go to the Pet shop to pick-up some snacks for the babies. (I had 4 cats at that time.) When I reached home, I noticed something strange in the home. None of my cats came running to the door when I got home and it was very quite too. They usually do most of the time and you can hear them in the back room.

Well, I walked into the kitchen to put the things I bought in the closet. When I hear a strange cat cry from the living room. I went to go see what was going on, so I turned on the light so I can see. There was Nichi quarters way up on the curtains hanging from one of her paws nails, while her other legs just dangling around in the air. It was really funny, but I can imagine what she is going through to get down. I got her nail unstuck and put her down, the first thing she was cling to my leg and purr for her forgiveness I guess.

After that moment, she has not climb the curtains at all. But that didnt stop her from climbing other things, where I think she knows that she can't get stuck again. I hope you like that story, here are some photos that I found on the net. These are no my photos, but I like to share them with you.

Can Dogs really Talk?

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Here's one for everyone to think about. People really have great imaginations on this. I have asked my self about this, "Can dogs really talk?" My answer to this question was no brainer "NO". Now this is my own opinion here, some people may say differently. So don't flame me for what I say here. I think its just people adding words to what noise the dog does. Then having everyone believe that the dog is really saying what the owner said it is. Well, here are some videos that you may or may not have seen already. You can judge for your self on this one, leave your opinions if you would. We would love to hear them. Oh one more thing please don't get us wrong we really love dogs, really we do.

Now did it really say "I love you?" or is it hungry?

I think they are Hungry or Want to go Outside and do their thing.